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She has earned over 310,000 followers on Instagram.

She studied at Holy Trinity Catholic in Oakville, Ontario. She has competed in dance competitions as a solo act since she was 12 years old. She has been in a relationship with Myles Erlick since she was 13.

As a rising star in the show biz world, Briar Nolet is gaining popularity and fame for her exceptional on-screen presence, and flawless dance moves.

She is a role model for many, as she grabs on to every opportunity that hones her talent, particularly by taking on roles which are challenging and rigorous.

She is also known for her performance in the ‘Family Channel’ show, ‘The Next Step’.

The show has also gone on to win various awards in regional, national as well as international platforms.

It is clear from many of Briar’s interviews that she is extremely active on social media.

Her dad is a former gymnastic champion and played a significant role in training and prepping her, for major gymnastic routines.