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The Lusso was produced in four sizes, and made with transparent ringed celluloid in many different colors.The cap was decorated with tree ring, but some models were made with a gold plated or laminated cap, decorated with a top celluloid inlaid.

The company was between the most relevant Italian brands up to '50s, but as it was for all the other fountain pen manufacturers, she underwent the crisis due to the advent of the ballpoint pen that caused its gradual decline until the final closure in 1975.

Like it happened for other historical companies, the brand Ancora was reused starting from 1988 for the production of modern fountain pens.

They were soon followed by other models with slightly tapered end, produced in a colorful celluloid; now these early celluloid model are very rare and highly sought by collectors.

In the first years of '30s Ancora introduced a new top model, the Duplex a more streamlined lever filler pen, produced in four different sizes: lady, medium, senior and oversize.

The same decoration can be found also on the hard rubber models.

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