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Video of the incident, seen by Asked afterwards why the police had not carried the pensioner properly, with her legs supported, a senior officer said they would do so “next time”.

Ms Power said she was left with bruises on her shoulders and was so angry that she has struggled to sleep since.

A police inspector is asked why the officers had not taken hold of Ms Power’s legs when she was being carried.

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A disabled 85-year-old woman was left bruised after being dragged across a busy road by three police officers during an anti-fracking protest.

Anne Power, a Green Party member and anti-fracking campaigner, was sitting outside a fracking site near Little Plumpton, Lancashire, when a scrum of officers lifted her from her seat.

Having initially just felt angry about the incident, she was at her weekly singing practice the next day when “it suddenly overwhelmed me”.

She said: “I’d been angry all the time but it was just exhaustion then, and terrible sadness that this whole battle [against fracking] is not being won yet.

He said: “No complaint has been received about this matter but we will review our tactics, as we constantly do in any event, to ensure we are adhering to best practice.