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The original inhabitants left, unwilling to intermarry with the newcomers.Okinawa's drowned structures find possible counterparts at the eastern limits of the Pacific Ocean, along Peruvian coasts., a sprawling religious city a few miles south of the modern capital at Lima.

Dating sites okinawa japan

The locations vary at depths from 100 to only 20 feet, but are all stylistically linked, despite the great variety of their architectural details.

They comprise paved streets and crossroads, huge altar-like formations, grand staircases leading to broad plazas and processional ways surmounted by pairs of towering features resembling pylons.

Popular and scientific debate concerning its origins argued back and forth.

Then, in late summer of the following year, another diver in Okinawa waters was shocked to see a massive arch or gateway of huge stone blocks beautifully fitted together in the manner of prehistoric masonry found among the Inca cities on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, in the Andes Mountains of South America. Thanks to swift currents in the area, coral had been unable to gain any foothold on the structure, leaving it unobscured in the 100-foot visibility of the crystal-clear waters. It seemed nothing short of miraculous, an unbelievable vision standing in apparently unruined condition on the ocean floor.

Already there were whispers of the lost culture of Mu, preserved in legend as the Motherland of Civilization, which perished in the sea long before the beginning of recorded time.