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Seizure Emergency Editor Matthew Hoerth MD speaks with Dr.Christopher Kramer, a neurointensive care specialist from the Mayo Clinic, about the importance of recognizing and treating status epilepticus.

Of course, you need to disclose before there is any sexual contact.“The idea behind that is that nobody actually puts everything out there on the table when they start dating.

That’s kind of the whole dating process, it’s learning about somebody as you go,” Pierce said.“Nobody says ‘I have horrible debt and my dad is an alcoholic and my brother is in prison’…

Some have been prosecuted and other’s haven’t.“The charge usually laid is aggravated sexual assault, one of the most serious offences in the Criminal Code, carrying a maximum penalty of life in prison and mandatory designation as a sex offender,” Elliott said.

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This makes it hard to tell when a seizure begins and ends. This type of status epilepticus requires emergency treatment by trained medical personnel in a hospital setting.

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    Conclusions: CRF is associated with a complex array of cutaneous manifestations caused either by the disease or by treatment.

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