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Santos received the award along with Francis Bryan Lua,producer of "Papa's Boy". You can also follow Kapamilya TFC, and Kapamilya Global PR's Twitter and IG accounts.The TVC was directed by Charlie Bebs Gohetia."Citizen Pinoy can be seen Sundays at p.m. Supporting actors and actresses also have their moments, and almost all their performances are done very well.

The campaign's TV commercial is entitled as such because it talks about how a father is ready to make sacrifices for his son.

It shows how overseas Filipinos especially take that extra sacrifice, both physical and psychological, just to earn for his family's keep.

Setting up an arrangement to pretend as lovers-to make his ex jealous-they found themselves falling to each other yet falling apart.

Ten years ago, Ginny (Toni Gonzaga), an Architecture student, and Marco (Piolo Pascual), a History professor, began a one-of-a-kind and unpredictable love story.

So we're happy that through the MAM awards we are able to locate and find out about the advocacies of media outside the Philippines – to really share the good news of what's happening outside and not only bad news about OFs. Galias shared that both entries affected her on different levels: "I am especially fond of stories about how Filipinos, like health workers, are able to help other nationalities and contribute to other countries; and how people like Atty.