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Some refer to the video installed in nursing homes as “granny cams.” Illinois has become one of just a handful of states that allow the recording devices in nursing home residents’ rooms.

The law is in response to growing numbers of cases of nursing home abuse that regularly takes place in these facilities at the expense of the most vulnerable of our citizens: the elderly, the ill and infirm.

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The couple collaborated to examine the doctor's facility insiders.

Airing Date: April 10, 2015 The tagline, ‘Behind every crime scene hides a moving story and a story of science.“ i Hero (short for Investigation Hero), concerns the ongoing battle between a forensics team and criminals.

Group Setting: Have the first five meetings in a group setting.

“Women are supposed to be the nurturers and the matriarchs in our society.” Due to the secretive nature of online affairs, reliable statistics are hard to find, but a 2005 study of 1,828 Web users in Sweden offers evidence about the prevalence of cybersex and online affairs.

She co-ruled with Li Zhi until his downfall, after which she drove the country in her own particular benefit.