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(From an Arab of my caravan ; and from one of a gang of Sha' ambah Arabs under arrest at Tougourt for raiding the Touaregs.) There are two species of fabulous snakes in the desert.

The Arabs say that this sound is the genii talking.

Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. Thoroughly scared, he returned to his brother and told him what had happened.

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Collectanea : — PACK Boer Folk-Medicine and some Parallels, I. The Touareg with a triumphant laugh sprang to his feet and, closely followed by the Arab, ran to his grave, where he immediately disappeared. 289 district ; and many geologists, not to mention candidates for ** the schools," owe much to Carter's knowledge.

I was told at Biskra that one had been seen at El Wad (El Oued), but of course when I got there I could hear nothing of it.

One reason of my journey into the Sahara was to inquire into the existence of the tharaben, as I was collecting natural history specimens at the time, and thought that perhaps the " long hair " might be some sort of hood like the cobra's, and that it might be a new species.

The Taner'out then devours him and immediately falls asleep again. Some of the better-class natives of course quite recognise the fabulous nature of these various creatures, but others firmly believe in them.

Its cry resembles that of a goat : it is called a Tanerhoue L This account, which I had from several Arabs, is con- firmed in Le Sahara fran^ais^ p.