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Installing this script is a 1 minute task and usually you can do it yourself should you have administrative access to your website CMS alternatively you can always forward your welcome email to your web designer.

If you are deploying on a portal website, the installation will be slightly more complex as the chats need to be routed to the relevant advertiser, please refer to the installation guide for portal websites.

For portal advertisers there are further benefits as the app will display the top 10 listings’ numbers such as which listing has the most visitors and chats etc…

You will like this feature if you find statistical info interesting.

The main difference between and other instant messaging platforms is that will establish a live text or video chat conversation between your website visitor and yourself and these website visitors do not need to download any app or plugin in order to have a live conversation with you. w=275&h=489&crop&ssl=1" width="275" height="489" data-original-width="275" data-original-height="489" itemprop=" title="List of Operators - Internal chatroom" alt="List of Operators - Internal chatroom" style="width: 275px; height: 489px;" / Broadcast live video to your website " data-medium-file="https://i2com/ The first thing you need to know is that offers a free trial account which is fully featured so you can test all its features in your own time in your own environment.

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