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Molly later goes to Dro when he’s heading to the bathroom to admit how she’s feeling. When he tells her to hang back so he can leave the bathroom before her in order not to arouse suspicion from their friends at the dinner table, Molly looks crestfallen. Molly finally answers her mother’s call, which crystallizes this truth for her. We’ve gotten hints of issues between them, but they seem to be doing far better than anyone else at the table.She ends the episode responding to Dro’s text about meeting the following week by putting a stop to things. Except for Kelli, of course, who continues to live her best life. Lawrence decides to follow, but he doesn’t apologize for bringing Aparna knowing that was a bad idea. He asks whom else she was screwing around with during their relationship.Lastly, Lawrence knows Tiffany and Derek through Issa, which makes his decision to bring a plus-one rude and an obvious hit toward his ex, even if he doesn’t realize that.

Or at least Molly is very heated, suggesting they roll up to his place with eggs in a water gun they can spray in his face.

I don’t know how you can get eggs in a water gun, but Issa appreciates Molly’s gusto even though it’s clear she’s more depressed over the situation than angry. I don’t think getting a facial is embarrassing and I still think the tenor of Issa’s reaction is odd, but we’ll get back to Daniel in a moment.

has built toward breakdowns and breakthroughs for each of its leading characters.

The messy configuration of their actions and misguided beliefs come back to haunt them in unique ways in “Hella Disrespectful.” The fallout witnessed in this episode is definitely earned, but there are a few emotional turns I completely don’t buy that undercut the intensity of those moments.

This is the first time they’re seeing each other since Molly started her fling with Dro.