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Throughout history, many women and men have argued that there is no way to create an attraction, that the personal chemistry for it either exists or else it does not. I consider these people to be hopeless romantics who either get lucky or spend their lives waiting for that unexplained magic to just happen one day.

If and when it doesn't happen like the fairytales promised them, they become bitter and consequently blame everyone and everything – except themselves.

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The following are two example of how the sensation of chemistry can be built up; the first demonstrates the slow build-up and the second demonstrates the rapid build-up.

Each of these examples are taken from my personal experiences, and hopefully by sharing them with you I can explain the importance of taking control and adopting a practical viewpoint rather than a romantic (i.e. SLOW BUILD-UP OF THE 'CHEMISTRY SENSATION'I was working in an office a few years back, it was a typically grey environment with 15 other people.

One day, whilst standing by the office photocopier, me and Carl were having our usual uninteresting chit-chat.

But this time he said something that made me laugh; it was a little odd, very dry and hit my personal funny bone right on target.

Nothing exciting ever happened; lunch would be either at our desk or in the café down the road, and the drinks after work on a Friday were invariably at the Red Lion pub opposite.