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Our preferences are shaped, molded, and conditioned by our environment.There’s no doubt in my mind that colorism plays a huge role in romantic relationships, but perhaps there’s some doubt in yours.

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The comments may be positive or negative, and they may be about the person they’re currently in a relationship with or a total stranger. If a person’s choice is really just “preference” based purely on biological physical attraction and not socially conditioned prejudice, then there would be no need for fetishizing and stereotyping.

If you can’t express your so called “preference” without demeaning other people, then it’s not merely a “preference,” it’s actually If racist stereotypes aren’t cool with you, then colorist stereotypes shouldn’t be either.

We must not be satisfied with an uncritical acceptance of our beauty standards.

We have to be willing to examine we have preferences and realize that “preference” isn’t merely biological, physical, harmless attraction.

The ever married rate for young whitewomen, 50 percent, is slightly less than the rate for young light skin blackwomen…” In the short film, “Fair?