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आपल्या पतीने खूप नाव कमावावं आणि मोठा अभिनेता व्हावं हे तिचंही स्वप्न.

त्याच्या या स्वप्नपूर्तीसाठी काटकसरीचा संसार ती मोठ्या नेटाने चालवतेय.

On Submit, you will be receiving the password on your registered mobile or email id 3. Enter registered mobile number/email id and password which you have received 5. Vaibhav's father suggests him to not keep any secrets from Bhandari.

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प्रत्येक पुरूषामध्ये एक बाई दडलेली असते आणि प्रत्येक स्त्रीमध्ये एक पुरूष.

ही दडलेली व्यक्ती कधी स्वभावातून समोर येते तर कधी एखाद्या गुणामधून.

MANAVA NAIK (मनवा नाईक ) MANVA NAIK 8th September, 1984.

Her age while we wrote this post is around 33 years. She got married to Producer Sushant Tungare in March 2017.

The initial buzz has been very positive and people are looking forward to seeing the show after catching the glimpse of the promos and the off air campaign.” Zee Marathi has taken to ATL in a big way to promote the new show. Additionally, the channel has also launched initiatives on social media planned during the launch and sustenance of the show.