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Stay-home mom Annie is reluctant to return to work, until she finds Amber, the perfect nanny for her 3-year-old daughter Jenny.

But as Annie's young daughter grows closer and closer to Amber, Annie begins to feel like she's being pushed out of her own life.

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Patrick Kyle's working life was spent at Clarence House, and he was, apparently, one of the first people to see Diana, Princess of Wales in her wedding dress on the morning of the ceremony.

Jeremy said: 'I remember standing in the garden of Clarence House and going down to Windsor Castle with dad.

His mother worked as a clerk at the royal bank Coutts, while his father, Patrick, was the accountant and personal secretary to the Queen Mother before he retired.

He was awarded a CVO medal, an honour from the Royal Victorian Order, for his service.

In the first scene, we see the pregnant Amber (Melvin) and her husband (Ethan Parsons) get into a terrible car accident. She is put in charge of a darling little girl, as the family finances mean that the wife (Ashley Scott) has to get a job.