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A pengedar/distributor will monopolize the field, providing the penagihs with needles and poison to play with.The addicts inject themselves with poison, and then pass the needle around and wait for their turn. Nasir : Andalusia (HQ Audio ... by adminkopek cikgu,pepek cikgu,cikgu nasir,lagu pepek,kopek melayu,cikgu shida masuk tv9,youtube cikgu shida,youtube main kopek,video m nasir,utube main kopek.

Through their understanding of friction, they created a super-low-cost-and-fuel-efficient method of riding the motorbikes.

The Mat Rempit is Malaysia's super-low-cost-pastime for Malay retards to show-off their biking skills on the traffic-ridden streets of Kuala Lumpur.

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Mat Rempits were formerly malay retards and idiots.