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In fact the freezer was so cold that I had decided to chip the ice out of it because it was taking up my freezer space and I couldn't fit anything in it.. BTW I live in this Camper, so the fridge is on all the time.. The fridge defrosted and I tried the knobs, nothing works, I put it on 110AC nothing happens, I put it on 12V ad all that happens is it dims the cabin 12V lighting a little bit, But I am afraid to put it in LP mode because it is so old I don't want to start a fire, Plus I have a limited amount of Gas and money..

Diagnostics Earlier today I went out with my multimeter and tested some circuits.. Power 110 Volts to one heater 1 (top) only on AC mode Power 13.8 Volts to heater 2 (bottom) (in 12 Volt Mode Only) 12 Volt dims the Cabin 12 V lights slightly, but does not seem sufficient to cool the fridge..

I CANNOT START THE DOMETIC RM 2201 FRIDGE, I'm level,propane supply is good,blew air around igniter box.12V SUPPLY GOOD, I CLEARED LINE OF AIR, I HIT THE IGNITER, SOMETIMES GET THE POP, FLAME BUT CANNOT SUSTAIN FLAME. RM3862 - leaks water out the back down outside of Motor Home. Only seems to do this after a couple weeks of continued use. Other areas embrace your social and your intellectual well being, that's, the way you work together with others and the way you find new methods to stimulate your mind.