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His alter ego Spiderman refuses an invitation to be an Avenger and is particularly chilly toward Captain America.Peter Parker on the other hand makes his money by giving basic readings and predictions to people.What makes you think he's going to spend his last five bucks on a donut and some coffee?

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Daryl would be all sorts of confused why they keep calling him mom 'I'm not your fucking mother! Beth would just become an epic Mary Sue after becoming separated from the group possible Peter Parker Hates Captain America What happens when a hero forgets the little people?

A ten year old precog Peter Parker has a nightmare about his family's death.

He tells Captain America, but he brushes him off "It's just a nightmare".

That night a break-in happens and his aunt and uncle are killed.

Carl I havent decided on yet, leaning toward either really angsty or a mother hen 'Dont forget your jackets kids' style.