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Traci talks with a nasal voice that is often noticed by others, which she claims is a "deviated septum" or else a "nasal condition".

Hannah once went to Traci for boyfriend help when she asked to use her "faux-beau" to fool Lilly and Oliver who believe that Miley is alone now that the two are dating.

She seems to have a crush on Jackson, and is frequently having celebrity parties, in which Hannah and her friends go to although Lilly only goes for the publicity.

He enjoys Shirley Temple cocktailscalling them " fruity and refreshing".

He also has a secret love of baking, something he keeps secret because he believes it is a cody horn dating kevin love female activity. Cooper gets mad at Jackson for flirting with his sister then he learns Olivia is Partnersuche landkreis leer sister and she acts innocent.