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Reddit, of course, has a thriving community, Dead Bedrooms, with more than 24,000 subscribers.

As with most Reddit communities, it has its own language and shorthand.

Subject lines are fraught with desperation and resignation: “Sexless marriage driving me crazy!!! I know my husband is a porn addict and is on sex hook up sites yet doesn't want me. He makes me feel like an ugly old woman just sitting out in the country waiting to die.” Rejection is a common theme: "But even when I think the mood is right and I try to initiate, she just brushes me off like I'm a dog trying to hump her leg," writes one man.

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There’s “DB,” short for dead bedroom, “LL” for low libido and HL for high libido.

Even general relationship forums, like Love, are filled with threads on sexless marriages.

As couples move into a long-term relationship and into the attachment phase, the neurochemistry starts to change," he explains.

"A lot of couples no longer know how to manufacture desire, because they’ve been relying on infatuation hormones."A major cause of bed death is simply too much stress. ," a woman writes, "I feel like my SO has been rejecting me more and more, the classic I'm too tired or not in the mood.

"Do I end 5 year marriage with a person who really is my best friend, or do I accept that I may live my life only having sex a couple of times a year," writes a 32-year-old woman.