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I said to myself that he must be right, and I decided to keep Film in front of Socialisme. LALANNE: Where does the idea of the cruise through the Mediterranean come from? GODARD: At first I was thinking of a story that would take place in Serbia, but it didn't work.

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Promesso che risulta praticamente impossibile descrivere accuratamente tutte le continue informazioni, impulsi audio-visivi che Film Socialisme ci sottopone, รจ percettibile comunque la bellezza concettuale e demagogica insita nel film.

Principalmente il film si dirige su due differenti binari.

A resident of France, that's where he pays his taxes.

He lives in Switzerland because he was born here; because he can't do without "certain landscapes", he'll tell us in an interview which, as always with this man, is greatly panoramic.

Impone il film in originale (perlopi francese) con dei sottotitoli inglesi di estrema e provocatoria sintesi.