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I can understand where you're coming from, frankly the whole launch of the Tucson has been very ordinary.

Only received 4 Stars in crash Test Under powered petrol engines in base models Strange model line up, Active X get 18 inch wheels and leather and Elite gets cloth and 17's.

Hold up they used it in advertising and promo but its not available? Personally I never trust when a dealer says things are coming soon or will definitely be available in the future.

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The Car Play thing is just another stuff up to add to the list.

A good car let down by some very ordinary planning. Interested to see what they said about it during the purchase process.

We are now in March 2016 now and still no Android Auto , time for Hyundai to lift their game , they advertise having it since November and still nothing – I mean seriously it's a software update ?? In this instance my best recommendation would be to contact your nearest dealer and/or pop in to confirm the details for the apply Car Play feature that is released among our vehicles. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to respond to this email, and or contact our customer care centre on 1800 186 306" In other words, Car Play is only available in the Active and Active X.

Its an oddity that its not available in the higher priced models.

From what I have seen online you can download the software from Hyundai and prepare a usb stick to flash the system.