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As prizes we already have subscribed to a first prize of 1,000 francs in the name of the Roubaix velodrome and we will be busy establishing a generous prize list which will be to the satisfaction of all.

But for the moment, can we count on the patronage of Le Vélo and on your support for organising the start?

The wind blew, the rain fell and the temperature dropped.

They spoke to Louis Minart, the editor of Le Vélo, the only French daily sports paper.

Minart was enthusiastic but said the decision of whether the paper would organize the start and provide publicity belonged to the director, Paul Rousseau. Rousseau, Bordeaux–Paris is approaching and this great annual event which has done so much to promote cycling has given us an idea.

It was first run in 1896 and has stopped only for the two world wars.

The race was created by two Roubaix textile manufacturers, Théodore Vienne (born 28 July 1864) Vienne and Perez held several meetings on the track, one including the first appearance in France by the American sprinter Major Taylor, and then looked for further ideas.

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