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The couple have detailed their fiery, two-year romance in suits and counter-suits – and Camille has now filed a 'Slapp' motion to get Dimitri's case thrown out of court and put an end to the bitter legal wrangling once and for all.

The extent of their fractious relationship is alleged in Camille's counter-suit, which states: 'During their relationship, Counter-Defendant was verbally abusive, rude and argumentative on numerous occasions, often in the presence of others..behavior was typically worse when he was consuming alcohol.'For example, during a trip to Hawaii, Counter-Defendant and Grammer went to a bar where Counter- Defendant proceeded to take multiple shots.

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"I experienced great pain in my nose and became afraid for my life as a consequence.""I begged him to stop and threatened to call police," she said.

"He wrestled me on the hotel bed, repeatedly slamming my head and face into the furniture, and eventually he succeeded in completely immobilizing me."Sitting on top of her -- with his knees "mere inches from the area that had been the object my invasive surgery only a few days before" -- Charalambopoulos put his fist in her face and told her, "I wanna smash your head in," and "I'll give you a reason to call the cops," Grammer said in her sworn statement.

He also stated the bruises seen on her wrists were caused by her anastasologist.

Dimitri further claims that the alleged incident took place after he had nursed her back to health following her cancer surgery, during which he even helped her with showering and 'draining her catheter bag'.

“There’s a casualness and easiness to their relationship. He really loves her for her.” for two seasons and has since appeared as a guest.